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PSt07 - Fonte da Areia

Fonte da Areia  ©João Baptista

Geosite ID: PSt07

Name: Fonte da Areia

Thematic category: Geomorfology, sedimentology and paleontology

Geographical location on orthophotomap  - PSt07

Municipality: Porto Santo

Civil parish: Porto Santo

Location area: 0.1-10 ha 

Coordinates(1):33°05'13.30'' N 16°21'16.60'' W

Altitude: 100 m

Accessibility: Easy

Distance to nearest paved road: 25 m

Conditions of observation: Good

(1) Coordinates of the geosite and / or the best viewpoint


Brief description

In here, it is possible to find the large aeolianitic calcarenites accumulations from the Quaternary that, as in "Morenos" and "Serra de Fora", belong to the Aeolianitic Formation. These former marine sands were remobilized from the insular platform that was exposed during glacial periods, when the sea level was lower than today, and experienced wind transport to depositional locations. The availability of sand seems to have been greater in the north, where the older accumulations appear, with around 31 thousand years. Four distinct units are known, intercalated with layers of paleosols, which correspond to interludes in the transport and accumulation of these sands. The stratification type suggests that the wind dominance was from the northern quadrant. It is also possible to observe old calcareous crusts, locally referred as "laginhas de cal". The presence of fossils of land pulmonated gastropods and root casts is a testimony of biological occupation this coastal habitat.


Relevant notes

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How to Cite

FERREIRA, M. R. (2014). Património Geológico da Ilha do Porto Santo e Ilhéus Adjacentes (Madeira): Inventariação, Avaliação e Valorização como Contributo para a Geoconservação. Dissertação de Mestrado em Vulcanologia e Riscos Geológicos. Departamento de Geociências da Universidade dos Açores. In:

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