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S01 - Foz da Ribeira do Faial

Disjunção prismática ©Brum da Silveira

Geosite ID: S01

Name: Foz da Ribeira do Faial

Thematic category: Volcanology

Geographical location on orthophotomap - S01

Municipality: Santana

Civil parish: Faial

Location area: 10 -1000 ha

Coordinates(1):32°47'35.6'' N 16°50'56.6'' W

Altitude: 13 m

Accessibility: Easy

Distance to nearest paved road: 10 m

Conditions of observation: Good

(1) Coordinates of the geosite and / or the best viewpoint


Brief description

In this geosite there is a magnificent example of the internal structure of lava flows referred to as prismatic or columnar disjunction. The columns of the disjunction have a very perfect geometry and occur in a thick basaltic flow of the Funchal Formation, Upper Volcanic Complex (CVS). The flow ran through the inside of the Ribeira do Faial valley, that was carved in sequences from the Intermediate Volcanic Complex (CVM) and the Upper Volcanic Complex (CVS).
From this site, we can also observe the surrounding landscape of Penha de Águia, from whose steep slopes volcanic sequences from the Penha de Águia Formation, Intermediate Volcanic Complex (CVM) emerge. There also include breccioid sedimentary deposits at the base and a thick pile of pahoehoe-type lava flows at the top.


Relevant notes

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The user must take precautions when visiting the site, taking into account the conditions of the terrain, weather conditions and other hazards, so that they do not create situations that put themselves or others at risk.
The user must respect private property. Access to private areas requires prior authorization from the owners.
The user must respect natural heritage, keeping it intact. The impact of your actions should be minimal.


How to Cite

BRUM DA SILVEIRA, A.; PRADA, S.; RAMALHO, R.; MADEIRA, J.; FONSECA, P.; CANHA, E.; BRILHA, J. (2012). Inventariação do Património Geológico da Ilha da Madeira. Secretaria Regional do Ambiente e Recursos Naturais - Relatório Final, 414 p. In:


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