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PM03 - Foz da Ribeira da Janela

Pillow lavas with radial fracturing- large tube © Celso Figueira

Geosite ID: PM03

Name: Foz da Ribeira da Janela

Thematic category: Vulcanology

Geographical location on orthophotomap - PM03

Municipality: Porto Moniz

Civil parish: Ribeira da Janela

Location area: 0,1 - 10 ha

Coordinates(1):32°51'18.5'' N 17°09'13.0'' W

Altitude: 22 m

Accessibility: Easy

Distance to nearest paved road: 5 m

Conditions of observation: boas

(1) Coordinates of the geosite and / or the best viewpoint


Brief description

At the geosite one has a good view of the typical internal structure of subaquatic lava, of roll or pillow type (pillow lava). In the Foz da Ribeira da Janela it is possible to observe the flow and that ran inside the valley that produced these roller forms. It is contemporary of the Upper Volcanic Complex (CVS), Funchal Formation.
In this outcrop, radial fracturing in a large roll can be easily observed.


Relevant notes

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The user must respect private property. Access to private areas requires prior authorization from the owners.
The user must respect natural heritage, keeping it intact. The impact of your actions should be minimal.


How to Cite

BRUM DA SILVEIRA, A.; PRADA, S.; RAMALHO, R.; MADEIRA, J.; FONSECA, P.; CANHA, E.; BRILHA, J. (2012). Inventariação do Património Geológico da Ilha da Madeira. Secretaria Regional do Ambiente e Recursos Naturais - Relatório Final, 414 p. In:

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