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M06 - Terra do Baptista

Rochas granulares © Brum da Silveira

Geosite ID: M06

Name: Terra do Baptista

Thematic category: Stratigraphy and Lithology

Geographical location on orthophotomap - M06

Municipality: Machico

Civil parish: Porto da Cruz

Location area: 0.1-10 ha

Location area(1):32°46'03.3'' N  16°50'32.7'' W

Altitude: 225 m

Accessibility: moderada

Distance to nearest paved road: 200 m

Conditions of observation: Satisfactory

(1) Coordinates of the geosite and / or the best viewpoint


Brief description

Porto da Cruz’s granular mafic rocks, that outcrop inside the embedded Voltas and Massapez valleys, are a rare example of plutonic igneous rocks on Madeira Island. They are essentially gabbroic rocks (gabbros, monzogabbros and essexites) that contain as their main characteristic minerals such as feldspathóids, kaersutite and aegirine, suggesting a late residual alkaline emanation phase.
The existence of these lithologies confirms the fractional crystallization of small magmatic pockets in the internal and relatively shallow sectors of Madeira’s volcanic submarine edifice.
These rocks intrude the Porto da Cruz Formation, lower volcanic complex, and it is unknown if they are contemporaneous with it or if they are related with the eruptive phases of the Intermidiate Volvanic Complex.


Relevant notes

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How to Cite

BRUM DA SILVEIRA, A.; PRADA, S.; RAMALHO, R.; MADEIRA, J.; FONSECA, P.; CANHA, E.; BRILHA, J. (2012). Inventariação do Património Geológico da Ilha da Madeira. Secretaria Regional do Ambiente e Recursos Naturais - Relatório Final, 414 p. In:

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