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PSt04 - Pico de Ana Ferreira

Pico de Ana Ferreira  ©Rui S. Marcos

Geosite ID: PSt04

Name: Pico de Ana Ferreira

Thematic category: Vulcanology

Geographical location on orthophotomap - PSt04 

Municipality: Porto Santo

Civil parish: Porto Santo

Location area: 0.1 -10 ha

Coordinates(1):33°02'57.80'' N 16°22'03.69'' W

Altitude: 118 m

Accessibility: Easy

Distance to nearest paved road: 144 m

Conditions of observation: Good

(1) Coordinates of the geosite and / or the best viewpoint


Brief description

At this former quarry at the Pico de Ana Ferreira, a columnar jointing can be observed, with almost perfect columns of great aesthetic value. This light grey structure was caused by the contraction stresses generated during the cooling of magma inside a volcanic duct.
The resulting consolidated magma rock - mugearite, being more resistant than the surrounding rocks, survived erosion, while the material around it disappeared over time.


Relevant notes

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The user must respect natural heritage, keeping it intact. The impact of your actions should be minimal.


How to Cite

FERREIRA, M. R. (2014). Património Geológico da Ilha do Porto Santo e Ilhéus Adjacentes (Madeira): Inventariação, Avaliação e Valorização como Contributo para a Geoconservação. Dissertação de Mestrado em Vulcanologia e Riscos Geológicos. Departamento de Geociências da Universidade dos Açores. In:

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