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SC01 - Ponta do Garajau

Depósitos de cinzas e blocos de cor amarelada - cone surtseiano ©Brum da Silveira

Geosite ID: SC01

Name: Ponta do Garajau

Thematic category: Volcanology and Stratigraphy

Geographical location on orthophotomap - SC01

Municipality: Santa Cruz

Civil parish: Caniço

Location area: 0,1 -10 ha

Coordinates(1):32°38'17.2'' N 16°51'07.5'' W

Altitude: 3 m

Accessibility: Easy

Distance to nearest paved road: 100 m

Conditions of observation: good

(1) Coordinates of the geosite and / or the best viewpoint


Brief description

Ponta do Garajau presents great geological diversity, of high scientific value, the most notable of which is the Garajau surtseyan cone. It is a tuff cone formed by ash and block deposits (yellowish) associated with hydrovolcanic activity, alternating with lapilli deposits and bombs (black to reddish) associated with strombolian subaerial activity stages. The cone was built on a coastal cliff previously cut out in a succession of basaltic spills in the Funchal Formation, Upper Volcanic Complex (CVS). At the site, there are also two lodes that will have fed the later stages of the eruption.


Relevant notes

Visiting a site of geological interest is the sole responsibility of the user.
The user must take precautions when visiting the site, taking into account the conditions of the terrain, weather conditions and other hazards, so that they do not create situations that put themselves or others at risk.
The user must respect private property. Access to private areas requires prior authorization from the owners.
The user must respect natural heritage, keeping it intact. The impact of your actions should be minimal.


How to Cite

BRUM DA SILVEIRA, A.; PRADA, S.; RAMALHO, R.; MADEIRA, J.; FONSECA, P.; CANHA, E.; BRILHA, J. (2012). Inventariação do Património Geológico da Ilha da Madeira. Secretaria Regional do Ambiente e Recursos Naturais - Relatório Final, 414 p. In:



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